Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Saturday, October 23, 2010

I love the state I'm in but...

I got to step out of my head again... Once in a while.
Because the streets of NY have 5 sentence stories around every corner or walk you take.

Waiting for my subway, sitting next to a man that hasn't stopped singing.
And as much as I love the train system, it can make you wait longer than you would love.

Tonight I don't mind.
The old man is in a trance. Seems like he's been singing this song since long. Since his wife left him.

Listen to what he's singing.

"A woman loves a man... ??? You gotta entertain your wife... ??? ... Spend money... ??? ... She keeps slip sliding slip sliding away..."

In repeat. Same thing just different.

"Slip sliding away"

I don't think you need money.
I know it's all just about LOVE. And that my dear friends, you'll find in the eye of the beholder.

Trust me. I know!

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