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Monday, May 24, 2010

Read this quietly and hear how I whisper.
Today is the start of FINALLY!!!!!!!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Celebrating on my own is nice.

Bye bye W... . F... here I come!
The Kingdom is the best place to sit and sip and eat maybe read just wonder and get tipsy while your mind wanders off and enjoys looking at the staff.
I am a loner and might not always like it, even though I seek it. Tonight I like ... Just as I do most of the time.

I think I can say that I feel good and tingle people... Yes I feel good... For now. So let's enjoy!

Need to think about and not forget my blog. En ook mijn column in Elle. Nica schrijven en de prins bellen.

Wijn drinken helpt van tijd... Soms.

Just got an extra glass of wine from the bartender... My friend when I come to eat here. We only talk food and drinks and therefor only listens when I wanna put in my order. Me like. The loner.

Had a cocktail before my second (big) free glass of wine.
Morgen de fiets op en hopelijk eindelijk naar yoga. Me need... No me want!


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